50 Forward Campaign

 The future is in your hands.
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Innovation Center  
$10 million

We are called to ensure that the quality of our facilities matches the quality of our instruction by providing a bricks and mortar learning environment conducive to exploration, discovery, and creativity, with emphasis on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.  STEAM programs are necessary components of every well-rounded, 21st century curriculum.

Arts/Athletic Improvements
$4 million

Every great performance, whether it be on the stage or on the playing field, begins with a place to hone those skills.  Modernizing the current gym to include space for music, dance, weight training, physical therapy, enhanced locker rooms and fan amenities will offer our championship teams and budding artists facilities worthy of their success.

Playground - Early Innovation
$1 million

Life's greatest skills are first developed on a playground:  the fine arts of collaboration, negotiation, and creativity; not to mention the first stirrings of athletic accomplishments.  These simple moments devoted to free-play help shape the future student.  Carrying these same skill sets a step further with early innovation and discovery further rounds out the student for success in higher grades.

Join this remarkable journey as the best of what Hammond can be today and tomorrow unfolds.

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