Middle School

Build a bridge from "in between" to "out in front."

The Middle School student longs for independence amid the defined boundaries of a structured environment.  During this time of personal discovery and increasing academic rigor, Hammond provides a safe place for these young people to accept new challenges, embrace new perspectives, and come into their own without getting lost in the crowd.

Our Middle School curriculum complements this rapid intellectual and emotional development by providing a thoughtfully measured transition between the discipline of early learning and the rigorous pace of more advanced study.  Fifth and sixth graders move comfortably from an academic experience closely mirroring the Lower School to a focused, subject-based exploration of Math, Science, English, History, and Foreign Language.  It is solid preparation for the challenge of a seventh and eighth grade curriculum emphasizing writing and logical, precise reasoning.  We are instilling valuable study habits, encouraging self-expression, and leading our students toward Upper School success.

Four years of determined preparation culminate with the traditional eighth grade Step Up. It is a celebration of significant growth and academic achievement.  Faculty members highlight each student's personal strengths, as the class president rings the chapel bell. Every toll is a profound assertion:  "We are here.  We are ready."

Hammond School

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